Frequently asked questions

How does is the work?

Click on student video libary Here you can see our basic workout video, now click on yellow belt, subsccribe it. and enjoy life time stream video lessons and weekly online classes then complete your assignment, when you are ready for exam. we will take your video exam and then grade you.

a) I have already earned green belt (6 KYU) , can I directly join the course of next belt?                                                                                                                     b) I'm an ex student of Shotokan Karate (other style) can I continue with your Shitoryu karate course?

Yes. You should have the certificate of the previously earned belt. Mail its scan copy at we will review it and then you will be eligible for the next belt course.

What is the duration of full cousre?

Every belt takes 1 - 3 months depending on the capability of the student. The whole course takes approx 1-3 years.

What is the fee structure of the course ? Is there any discount on Fee?

Every belt has a different fee structure, check plans at admission section. 15% discount on Fee, if you pay the fee of full course (White - Black Belt) call us at 8534800598 for more information.

How can I pay the fee?

We accept payment through Debit card and Credit Card.
1.Click on Admission
2. Select your plan and click on JOIN NOW. 3.If you are not a member of Auro Online Martial Arts University please Sign up and If you are already a member then login to our website.
3. Click on SELECT button of your desired plan.
4. Click on BUY NOW. 5.If you already have a PAY PAL account please login and do your payment through Debit card or Credit Card. ***If you dont have a PAY PAL account, click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT. 6. Fill the details like your card number and billing address and then click on PAY.

Do you teach self defence?

Yes, with every course (belt course) we give lessons on self defence also.

What is the age limit for the course ?

This course is available for everyone, above 3 years of age.

Is there any free trial lessons / classes available?

Yes, you can watch our free trial workout video. For belt course video lessons you can subscribe the plan/ course, we provide 3 days moneyback offer. If you are doubtful for joining this may help you to take the right decision.

Is there any referral discounts?

Yes, 10% money back on your next belt plan subscription. * It is availabe only for the subscribers.



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